Best Route For Backpacking Through Europe

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Europe backpacking is one of the best ideas to spend your vacation. It offers you with the freedom to visit several countries in a limited period. With so many things to do, your euro backpacking trip will be a complete success. The European continent boasts of fascinating natural world wonder as well as extraordinary skyscraper and man made structures that date from classical time up to date.

Europe Backpacking Route

We have already established how beautiful this continent is but of course; you would need to plan your trip and come up with a budget for the whole trip. Today we are going to look at some of the exciting yet inexpensive backpack Europe route to make your euro backpacking full of fun. We have done an in-depth research to come up with the best routes to follow for you to save you not only cash but also have one of the most enriching experiences in your life.

London to Amsterdam

This is one of the most exciting routes to follow while backpacking through Europe in London. The main transportation method is by a train. We love the idea of traveling using the train, as it is affordable, fast, and convenient. This trip starts from London then go to Paris, one of the exciting city in the world, transverse to Rome, then Florence and Venice. From Venice head off to Munich, which is one of the cleanest city in the world, then go to Rhine valley and finally Amsterdam, the city of lights. The trip will take about 14 days meaning that it’s best suited for individuals who are planning a 2-3 week vacation. Some of the attractions sites to come across in this rout include Eiffel Tower, Seine River, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Boboli Gardens, Venice’s Grand Canal, and the Red Light District

Rome to London

If you have a month to spare for your vacation, then try something even more exciting. The tripe from Rome to London will take approximately 23 days. The main mode of transport includes train, public bus, and metro. Start in Rome and take a train to Tuscany where you can take a public bus to visit some of the attractions that include the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Cinque Terre. Proceed to Venice to enjoy the multiple attractions including St. Mark’s Basilica, Canale Grande, as well as Ponte di Rialto. After Venice head to Vienna, then Krakow. Do not to stop over Berlin before proceeding to Amsterdam. Then it is the time for you to experience the magical London.

London to Istanbul

This euro backpacking trips route ensures that you explore all the good things Europe has to offer. The main transport mode is mainly by train although there are sections to link by bus. The route will start from London; go through Paris, head east to Lausanne, Munich then further west to Vienna. From Vienna take a train to Budapest, Bucharest, and Sofia then finally take a bus from Plovdiv to Istanbul. Some of the road highlights to come across includes Eiffel Tower, Lake Geneva, Swiss Alps, Buda Castle, the Palace of Parliament, Alexander Nevski church, the Grand Bazaar, Aya Sofia among others.

Berlin to Budapest

If you are on a budget and you are here for a couple of days, then try best route for backpacking through Europe Berlin to Budapest. The trip takes about a week but has so many interesting attractions to enrich your vacation. One of the reasons we have included this route is that it is more affordable than any other regions in Europe. The accommodation, food, and daily expenses are minimal as most of the attraction charges less than $ 10 as the admission fee. Additionally, you will enjoy the breathtaking natural attractions and interact with the friendly locals, making it the perfect destination to relax in your short vacation. Berlin has several great museums where you can learn a lot from the history and culture of the locals. You can also explore the funky neighborhoods for shopping, food, and nightlife. Head south to Prague and explore the Prague Castle, which is the largest castle in Europe, and enjoy watching the breathtaking Charles Bridge. Next will be Krakow, which is one of the cheapest towns to live in. Here everything is cheap from accommodation to food as well as drinks. You can unwind the night with large beers going for less than $1.50. Finally head to Budapest and experience the most interesting nightlife in Europe. During the daytime, visit the museums, monuments as well as hot spring and spas.


Here are our best backpacking Europe routes, although you can customize your trip and have fun in the beautiful cities. Following go through the routes to find the one that excites you and fit your vacation specifics including numbers of days you have and budget. One more thing, when planning your Europe backpacking, travel light as you will be spending time on train traveling from one city to the other. Carrying a lot of baggage may bog you down making your trip less exciting.

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