best waterproof backpack for college students (Proven Buying Guide)

Best Waterproof Backpack for College Student

Wondering why in the USA a college student needs Best Waterproof Backpack for.Entire the United States, excluding The average amount of moisture falling as rain and snow is 30.21 inches (767 millimeters).When traveling, your backpack often holds all your valuable items including clothes, maps, cash, food, and tickets. But what will happen when it starts raining when still hiking? Of course, you would not want your items to get moist or worse get drenched. For this reason, you need to buy the best waterproof backpack to ensure that your stuff remains dry even if you are caught in the rain when still exploring the nature. In this review, we test some of the best waterproof, plus give you some of the tips on what to look for in a good water-resistant backpack. one of the most important pieces of gear that you should have when exploring the outdoors is a high-quality waterproof backpack. Below are some of the tips to help you to make an informed decision.

Backpack Weight

One of the factors you should consider getting a good backpack is the weight. The model you select should be lightweight. This will make sure that it will not add weight to your baggage. The backpack should also have a lightweight internal frame for durability. Ensure that the backpack has an ideal balance of weight and functionality.

Padded Hip Belt And Straps

Another consideration to make is the quality of the straps as well as the hip belt. Remember, you will be carrying your backpack for long trips thus the need making sure it feels comfortable. Ensure that the hip belt as well as the straps are well built and padded for enhanced comfort.

Average Capacity

Best backpacks for travel capacity entirely depend on the intended use. If you are looking for a camping backpack, you need to ensure that it fits everything you need while camping. 30l to 50l backpacks are ideal for camping. However, if you were looking for a hiking backpack, a smaller size would be more appropriate as you do not want a model that will bog you down. A 20-liter size should be enough for hiking.

Ventilation And Water-Resistant

Most water-resistant backpacks are constructed with tough materials such as nylon as well as other polyester materials. The only downside of these materials is that they tend to lock in heat, which makes you sweat. For this reason, ensure you go for models that are constructed with ventilation technology that keeps your back cool and comfy under any weather.

High-Quality Construction

Lastly, the model you select should be constructed with high-quality materials to ensure that it lasts for long. Go for models constructed with tough fabric that offer your valuables protection from rain and other harsh weather conditions. The model should also have an internal frame to ensure better performance and long-term service.

Teton Sports Scout 4000 Review

Teton sports brand has been a popular choice among outdoor lover for anything from camping, hiking, mountain living and long walks. The Teton sports explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack is another excellent product from the manufacturer that is built to cater for all your needs. It is an ideal model for any backpacker who needs plenty of room for all his/her equipment. The model can be described using three statements, affordable, spacious, and easy to use

Whom is it designed for?

• Campers
• Hikers
• Survivalists
• Any other person who loves exploring the outdoors

Notable Features

Spacious interior and durable construction

One of the features that make this model a preferable choice among the backpackers is the fact that it comes with great features that make it comfortable and easy to use. The 4,000 cubic inch capacity will help you to store everything you need for your trip. The model is also constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring that it offers you with durable service. It will withstand repeated use offering immense protection to all your valuables. Additionally, this model comes with a rain cover meaning that your items are protected from being damaged by water.

Great suspension system

You will love the suspension system that comes with this backpack. The backpack has a height adjustable harness to enhance your comfort when carrying the backpack for long trips. The lumbar should also well padded while the backside is contoured with ventilation airflow for enhanced comfort.

Easy to adjust

This model comes with a number of adjustable straps that helps you to adjust almost anything, including the height, shoulder straps, and chest as well as waist straps. With this adjustment, you will feel comfortable when exploring the outdoors.


  • Great price
  • Quite a number of impressive features
  • Lightweight and spacious design
  • Comes with a rain cover


  • Some users find it hard to adjust the harness Velcro


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does this come with a rain cover?
A. Yes, you will find a rain cover that comes out of the bottom of the pack. It is easy to deploy.

Q. Does it have a hydration pocket?
A. Yes, it does

Q. Is there a warrant for this pack?
A. It comes with a lifetime-limited warranty from the factory

Our Verdict

There are so many things that you can use this backpack for. We would recommend this product to any avid outdoor lover who is looking for a lightweight, durable, and ergonomically designed backpack that will help them to have an easy time as they enjoy the outdoors.

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Hikpro Lightweight Packable Daypack

If you are looking for an Ultralight foldable backpack to assist you to carry all your hiking equipment, the HIKPRO Lightweight backpack is worth considering. This backpack is not only lightweight but also one of the most affordable models available on the market. The foldable design also makes it a great choice for both experienced and novice hikers. 

Whom is it designed for?

• Campers
• Survivalists

Notable Features

Foldable and lightweight design

Weighing a mere 8 ounces, this is one of the lightest bags available on the market. This backpack also fold up an incredibly small size that you can keep in your suitcase so that you can have an extra bag for your trip.

Great construction

The HIKPRO Lightweight backpack is constructed using high-end nylon making it durable and tear resistant. The fabric also makes it waterproof, meaning that your items will not get drenched in the event that it rains when hiking. Although this is relative, small waterproof backpack it will give you a service that you can depend on, unlike other bigger sizes.

Multiple compartments

Another feature that makes this backpack exceptional is the multiple compartments and pockets that allow you to organize all your stuff. The model comes with three zippered compartments, the main compartment for bulk items, one inner zippered pocket; two sides mesh pockets as well as a smaller outer pocket, which has a zip.


  • Comfortable to carry for long trips
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with multiple compartments
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Affordable



  • Available only in one size


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it appropriate for biking?
A. Yes, it is. It is light and very sturdy.

Q. What is its capacity in liters?
A. 20

Q. Is this bag waterproof?
A. Yes, it is water resistant

Our Verdict

This spacious model should enough to pack all your essential supplies. This waterproof daypack also comes with various compartments that help you to organize your pack for better accessibility. Additionally, this bag comes in many different colors and extremely comfortable.

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Jansport SuperBreak Backpack

With so many Jansport backpacks sizes available, it is easy to get confused when selecting the best backpack that suits your needs. The JanSport super break backpacks is a great model that is popular for its low price and large cargo capacity. This backpack is also constructed with high-quality materials meaning that it will offer you with a reliable service for many years to come. Another feature that makes this bag special is the impressive design that is coupled with great looking fabric to come with a stylish model. Besides these features, we would like to examine other features that stand out in this model. 

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

• Elementary pupils
• Middle school pupils
• High school students

Notable Features

Roomy interior

This model comes with a spacious interior that allows you to pack all the items you need to carry school. It features one large compartment that fit a laptop, textbooks, and other school supplies. The bag also has a front pocket that you can store pens, cell phone, and other smaller items.

Comfortable and stylish

Jansport backpacks is available in more than fifty colors meaning that you have a choice of selecting the model that fits your style. The backpack also comes with an ergonomic design that ensures that you are comfortable even when carrying it for long trips.Also comes with different color like pink,silver, black backpack.

Durable construction

This is one of the most durable models on the market that gives you a service you can depend on. Some of the parents who purchased this model for their children say that they continue to use the backpack after the child has already completed school.


  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Wide variety of colors and designs
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • No water bottle holder


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it spacious enough to fit a 15-inch computer?
A. Yes, the backpack is spacious enough to hold the laptop

Q. Is it only for boys, girls, or both?
A. Both, as it comes in a large variety of colors

Q. Is it a good middle school backpack?
A. Yes, it is. It is durable and spacious to hold everything your child needs to carry for school

Our Verdict

If you were searching for a lightweight backpack that remains in great shape for many years, then we would recommend this model. Additionally, the model comes with a long warranty meaning that you can return it to the manufacturer for the smallest damages even if it is a zip.

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Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

The fjallraven kanken is a classic lightweight backpack that comes with special features to ensure that it offers the user with a reliable service. The bag is constructed of 100 percent polyester materials making it durable. Additionally, the polyester material is tough and resistant to water. This means that the contents of the bag are safe even if you are caught in the rain while hiking or rushing to school. 

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

• Students
• Business professionals
• Hikers
• Individuals who are always on the go

Notable Features

Great construction materials

This backpack is constructed of tough and waterproof fabric making it a perfect choice for individuals who love the outdoors. It is also an exceptional model to use as a school or a work bag as it ensures that all your items are protected against rain. The tough fabric allows it to withstand repeated use for many years.

Great design

The design is minimalist making it ideal for individuals who would like a durable backpack that comes in a simple design. The sizing is perfect for urban commute; Additionally, this model is available with 36 color variations, so it very easy to get a bag that matches your style.

Lightweight and spacious

Although the model comes with non-padded straps, this model is more comfortable than other bags with cushier straps. Additionally, the bag is lightweight, meaning that it will not add extra weight to your baggage. Most clients also love the fact that you can carry it briefcase style.


  • Available in multiple of colors
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Tough construction materials that are also waterproof
  • Spacious interior


  • Lacks an exterior bottle holder


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the dimensions of this item?
A. 15 by 5.1 by 10.6 inches

Q. Would it be large enough to fit school books?
A. Yes, several A4 books will fit perfectly.

Q. Is this bag waterproof?
A. Yes, it is 100 percent waterproof

Our Verdict

No matter what you intend to use this backpack for; there is a good chance that you will love its performance. It is waterproof, durable and offers you with plenty of interior storage despite its compact design.

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Sunhiker Waterproof Cycling Backpack

The Sunhiker Hiking Cycling Backpack provides you with many benefits. It is a great backpack that comes with a high-quality feature that will make your hiking experience enjoyable. This model comes with easy to adjust straps that allow different users to adjust it to fit them firmly while cycling. Besides using it when cycling, this is a compact backpack that you can use for school, shopping as well as traveling. 

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

• Students
• Cyclists
• Hikers
• Travelers

Notable Features

Super light waterproof fabric

This backpack is constructed of high quality and lightweight fabric. This makes it ideal for daily use. Additionally, the light fabric will not add any unnecessary weight to your luggage. The fabric is also water resistant meaning that your items remain dry even if it rains when cycling.

Great design

You will absolutely like the design that comes with this backpack. The ergonomic design makes it compact while still offering you with tons of space to carry everything you need for your trip. The design is also unique, making you stand out.


This is one of the best 20l daypack that offers you with the much-needed convenience, making it perfect for multiple occasions. You can use the backpack while doing your shopping, going to school or work, camping, hiking, and cycling.


  • Great construction
  • Roomy interior
  • Affordable option
  • Provides long-term service


  • Not suitable for individuals with lots of baggage


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it suitable for laptops?
A. Yes, it has a compartment that fits a 15-inch laptop

Q. can it hold a school 2” binder?
A. Yes, it is spacious enough

Q. Can you use it as a carry-on for a flight?
A. Yes, it is compact enough to fit under the seat

Our Verdict

This backpack has the high rating and many positive customer feedback, meaning that it will provide you with a high-quality service. Additionally, its well-designed construction offers you with the convenience and ease of use. It is also an inexpensive model suiting the needs of clients under a budget.

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Purchasing any of the products listed above will ensure that you have a high quality lightweight waterproof backpack that you can use for many years. Whether you are looking for a model for your middle school kid, a bag to commute to work or a model to use for outdoor, you can find it here. Go through each model to find the most appropriate model for your needs.