Camping meals ideas for beginner campers

Camping meals ideas for beginner campers

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Camping food or meal ideas can be helpful for both inexperienced campers and individuals who have been camping for years but have always had trouble choosing the best food to carry along. For an enjoyable camping experience, you need to keep a proper camping list before you head out to your next trip. First, it is good to understand that there are certain foods that you should bring along and others that are difficult to prepare especially when you are on the outdoors.

More importantly, it is good to realize that you can do much better than going to your local supermarket and picking canned food. Even if you are afraid that your food may go bad before the end of your trip, it does not mean that your food needs to be bland and boring. Today we are going to look at some of the best camping food lists that is going to make your next trip a success.

No Cook Backpacking Food Ideas

Today, no cook backpacking food has become very popular among hikers and campers. Dragging your stove to your backpacking trip means that you have to deal with excess baggage, which may limit your exploration abilities. Here are some of the foods that you can enjoy in your camp without having to heat or cook it.

Wraps and Burritos – This is one of the easiest no-cook food that you can carry on your backpacking trip. Use these filling to make a delicious and healthy meal. Banana and peanut butter, tuna and mayo, cream cheese and smoked salmon, chicken, and canned pineapples as well as chicken, etc.

Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Berries – There are many reasons why you may consider going for dried fruits. They are not only lightweight but also nutritious. In addition to the dried fruits, make sure you carry a pack of freshly packed berries. Luckily, it is possible to find these berries on the trail during the summer period. Some of the berries that you can find include blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, marsh berries, as well as cranberries.

Granola and Cereal – Cereal or granola are one of the most convenient foods that you can take as breakfast while on the trail. You just need to pour milk powder and water on them and enjoy.

Jerky – Jerky are thin strips of dried meat or fish that are not only easy to carry along but also offer you with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Get a food dehydrator and make them by yourself for more healthy foods.

Energy Bars – One of the reasons why you may consider packing these foods is that they are compact and easy to carry. Secondly, these bars offer you with nutrition and energy in your camping trips. Although there are many energy bars on the market, go for the ones with healthy and natural ingredients.

Canned Beans and Vegetable Salads – Veggies have a high content of vitamins and fiber. The beans will offer you with energy and make you feel and stay full. Make an effort of combining them with other foodstuffs such as corn, avocado, tomatoes, and tacos for a better taste.

Crackers – You can eat crackers on their own or use them as an accompaniment for other food items, such as tuna or cheese or soft spreads such as peanut butter or honey.

Cheese and sausages – Selecting hard cheeses allows you to keep them off the fridge longer. Cheese offers you with fat and energy when hiking or camping. Additionally, sausages such as.Salami, mini summer, and pepperoni sausages are also great for backpacking.

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Gluten free backpacking food

If you suffer from diseases such as colic disease or other conditions that make you intolerant to gluten, it does not mean that it is impossible for you to find appropriate food for your camping trip. Below is a list of gluten free food snacks that you can carry on your backpacking trip.

Sunflower Seeds or Toasted Pumpkin– Prepare these at home in large batches then divide them into smaller packages for easy storage. These are healthy snacks especially when camping or hiking.

Rice Cakes– Not all rice varieties are completely gluten free although you can find rice cakes that are 100 percent gluten free. Spread non-dairy cheese or apple butter on top and enjoy.

Jello – Jello cups are also great gluten-free diets and quick snack for backpackers

Trail Mix – Another great homemade gluten free snack is a mixture of dried fruits and nuts

Hard-boiled Eggs – Hard-boiled eggs are completely carb-free and packed with protein. They are easy to pack and stay for a day or two without going bad. This makes them an excellent gluten-free snack for backpackers.

Popcorn – Go for the Air-popped popcorn, as they are healthier. It is also a wise idea to ensure that they are 100 percent gluten free.

Gluten-free Cookies and Muffins – These are also great snacks to carry on your backpacking trip. You can take them for breakfast or lunchtime to ease the hunger pangs. We also love them as they come in compact packaging that you can fit in your backpack easily.

DIY backpacking food

If you are an avid backpacker or just starting out, it is also crucial to learn some of the DIY tips to help you prepare food for your trips. One of the best tricks of preparing your food for a long backpacking trip is dehydrating food. Dehydrating food not only save you the hassles of carrying a large cooler to keep your food from going bad but also allow you of knowing exactly what your dehydrated meal contains. The water content in foods including vegetables, meat, fruits causes rapid deterioration of food due to the decay of the enzymes. When you remove the water, the food stays for long without going bad. Some of the foods that you can dehydrate for your trip include veggies, fruits, nuts, and meat. You just need to re-hydrate them and enjoy them for lunch or dinner.

Backpacking desserts

Last but not the least, backpacking several desserts for your journey will give you the energy you need to keep going. You can prepare your desserts prior to hitting the trails, and they act as good snacks to give you the calories and energy while hiking.


These camping foods are not only easy to prepare but are easy to carry. Remember; when planning a backpacking trip, it is good to ensure that, your bag remain light as possible. Do yourself a favor and include these foods in your camping food list, as we are sure that they will be healthy and easy to prepare for both you and your team.

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