Essentials Checklist for Traveling with Baby on Airplane

Most parents of newborns find traveling their little ones a major inconvenience, this is why it is crucial to have a checklist for traveling with baby on an airplane. We can imagine how hard it is for parent s to carry all the baby’s things including diapers, a number of clothes, wipe, and bottles but there are times that you travel cannot be avoided. Carrying all that a baby needs can be overwhelming but with a checklist, you will not forget anything essential. Additionally, a checklist will allow you to have peace of mind, as you know that you have the right pieces of travel gear for your adorable kid. 

Traveling with baby checklist

Before starting to pack your baby’s items, secures your essentials first. As previously mentioned carrying the entire thing may be overwhelming, and you may easily forget to carry your stuff. Carry your credit card, ATM, cash, visa, passport and if driving your driving license. Additionally, do not forget to pack your health and travel insurance, travel document and the plane ticket. 

Baby suppliestraveling with baby checklist


The first things to remember packing are the clothes. Ensure you carry enough clothes for your baby. Babies tend to mess themselves easily especially when they are traveling. Pack at least two outfits per day plus one extra. If you are going in areas where the climate is cool, carry two to three jackets. 

Diaper and changing pads

Next are the diapers. The rule of the thumb is to allocate a diaper for every hour you are going to be on the road or plane. Of course, you would not want to run out of diapers while on the plane or when still in the airport. Besides the diapers ensure you have enough disposable changing pads that will help you to change the diapers. In addition, the diaper rashes can appear anytime, so you need to carry diaper rash ointment to keep your baby comfortable.

Blankets and baby wipes

The blankets are crucial to keeping your baby warm. They also help to protect your baby from excess dust and strong wind. You also need to carry the baby wipes that help you to clean the face of the baby, hands, and spills. The disposable wipes are excellent, as you do not have to carry a lot of luggage. Additionally, carrying cloth diapers is essential as they can serve as a burp cloth for cleaning spills. 


When your baby gets hungry, he becomes very stubborn. You do not want to deal with a hungry baby while on a flight especially if you are not breastfeeding. Pack enough formula milk that would last through unexpected delays. Do not forget to carry enough snacks and bottled water. 


Pack several sealable bags that you will use to dispose of the dirty diapers. The bags should also help you to hold the dirty clothes. Remember you may be forced to change your baby in areas where there is no sink where you can clean your hands. For this reason, it is crucial to carry a hand sanitizing to keep your hands clean after the diaper changes. 

Pack medicines for colds and fever for emergency cases where your baby experiences a sudden rise in body temperature. When traveling by plane ensure these medications are in either your carry-on or the diaper bag. Ensure that you have the medicine dropper or spoon for each medicine. Although this is not a necessity, a thermometer would help you to know when the body temperature rises. 

To keep your little one well-groomed, ensure you carry with you items such as nail clippers, soap, as well as soaps. 

How young can a baby fly

One of the widely asked questions among parents is when can a newborn fly. It would be sooner than you think but some airlines permit babies who are as young as two days to fly. However, some airlines accept babies who are at least two weeks old. Although there are no specific regulations that regulate this matter, ensure you contact the chosen airline before booking. In some cases, when your baby is less than two weeks, some airlines requests a letter from your doctor stating that they are fit to fly. 


To avoid missing on some of the essential items for your baby, start packing a day before you start your items. Have your checklist ready and cross out the things that you have packed. Additionally, it is good to keep your bag well organized keeping the entire essential in the most accessible pockets to avoid having to hunt around for smaller items.

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