How to Set and Reset Your Luggage LockHow to reset luggage lock

Regardless of the size of your luggage bag, luggage lock places a major role to ensure peace of mind while traveling. Setting up the combination is pretty simple. You also do not need to worry in case you forget the combinations. Today we are going to guide you on the way forward on how to set luggage lock and reset the lock in case you forget it.

How to set luggage lock

Although there are various locks used to secure the luggage bag, we are going to consider one of the widely used locks which are the Master Lock created TSA-approved luggage locks. Use our step-to-step guide to set it up your desired combination easily. We have selected these locks because of they effective and most used locks. Upon purchase, the combination of the locks is usually preset at 0-0-0. This is basic for everyone, and you need to change the combination and put your own unique combination. 

Step 1: First, you need to open the lock by rotating the dials to 0-0-0

Step 2: Push the reset button down until you hear a click sound

Step 3: have your own combination, rotate the dials one at a time, and set the combination, for instance, 7-3-9

Step 4: Push the opening button to reach the open position. When still in this position, let the reset button to automatically release to its normal position. The combination is set when you hear a click button. 

Now your new combination is successfully set. To lock the luggage bag, reset the dials to any other combination. 

How to reset luggage lock when you forget the combinationHow-to-set-luggage-lock

If you do not use your luggage bag for quite some time, it is very easy to forget the combination. However, this does not mean that you can’t unlock the bag. Follow our simple lock reset instructions to get full access to your bag. 

Step 1: Pull the U-shaped ring and the body of the lock from each other and exert pressure on opening mechanism inside the lock. Ensure pull the body of the lock and ensure it is separate from the attachment then use your fingers to exert enough pressure on the U-shaped ring. Hold for about 30 seconds while exerting steady pressure. 

Step 2: While still exerting steady pressure on the mechanism, slowly roll the dial closest to the U-shaped ring. This makes the dial to become hard to roll over three or more consecutive numbers. However, one of the three will click. When you hear a click sound, note down the number, as this will be the first combination. 

Step 3: Use the middle dial, repeat step two, and then proceed to the last dial. After hearing the click sound, leave the dial set and the move to the other dial. In the end, you ought to get a new combination revealing. Now you can pull the U-shaped ring from the body of the lock. 

Changing from one combination to the otherforgot-tsa-lock-combination

You may decide to change the combinations for a number of reasons. First, you may want to enhance the security if you do not want someone who already knows the combination to access the items. You may also want to change to another combination that is easier to remember. Regardless the reason, here are the steps to do it easily. 

Step 1: get hold of the lock’s body in a manner that the numbers are facing away from you. Set the combination that you had selected and then release the closing ring. 

Step 2: ensure that the hook of the u-shaped ring is turned to a counterclockwise direction to reach ninety degrees. This should have the notch of the hook line up with the hole on the body of the lock.

Step 3: Press the hook into the lock housing and turn it another 90 degrees in the same direction

Step 4: Roll the dials similar to the first instruction until you hear a click sound. This gives you a new combination. 

Step 5: now turn the hook into the opposite direction for 90 degrees while you raise the stem of the lock. Next is to turn another further 90 degrees and push the lock into its locked position. After this, your new combination is now set, and you can use it to lock your bag. 



To avoid forgetting the lock combination you can write it down in your notebook. You can also email it to yourself so that you can access it in future in case you forget. Although most people do not use this, lock it crucial especially when traveling for long distances. Furthermore, your stuff is more secure with the lock without using it. We hope that you will no longer have second thoughts of using the lock as you have all the instructions you need to set and reset it.

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