Travel with Cheap Hotels and Places to sleep for free

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Everyone wants to be frugal on his or her accommodation during a vacation. Most backpackers will hunt for the best deals so that they can get a hotel reservation on a minimum budget. Besides looking for the cheap hotels near me under $50, we are going to list some of the places to sleep for free to avoid the hefty burden of accommodation. If you like, trying new things, visiting places, do not let the thought of expensive hotel rooms hinder your trip. Here are the best tips to help you get a cheap hotel near you.

Book your hotel online

What most individuals don’t realize is that booking your hotel online will save you much more than visiting the hotel. Again, there are very many listing on the internet, so it will be easier for you to book a convenient hotel room that fits your budget. On the other hand, some websites are dedicated to helping you to find cheap hotels online. For instance, the site offers you with unlimited hotels that offer their rooms at an unbeatable price. Cheap hotel online service also provides the list of amenities provided on the premise, so you will know exactly what you are paying for. If you are looking for cheap hotels near you, use the online service, as it is safe, fast, and convenient.

Places to stay free

If you would still want to make your trip more affordable and do not want to incur any cost on accommodation, it is still possible. Here are some of the places that you can stay for free as you enjoy your vacation.

Couch surfing

This is one of the best websites that can allow you to not only sleep free but also get to meet new people. Couch surfing has a host of the network all over the world making it a perfect resource especially when you are traveling on a tight budget. Compose honest personal messages and send it to as many hosts as you can. More than likely, there is a couch available wherever you are going.

Stay with family and friends

If you are touring an area where you have close relatives or friends, you can stay with them until your vacation ends. You can also use this time to catch up with each other. Crash in the guest room or couch or any other place they offer you. However, it is good to contribute to the house and respect their privacy.

Be welcome

Be welcome is similar to Couch surfing where you have to create a profile for the host to view you. With this platform, you just need to complete your profile and create a compelling request for you boost your chances of getting a space to sleep free.


The beach is one of the best places to sleep. You can hear the waves while lying down on the sand. You will also get the best reward of sunrise on your face.

Churches, Temples, and Monasteries

If you are traveling in Europe, many churches can offer you with a roof over your head. In addition, temples in countries such as Thailand also offer places to sleep at no cost.


Whether you are searching for a place to sleep free or the cheapest accommodation, the choice is unlimited. Just go online and do your research before touring the area. You will be surprised how affordable your traveling adventure can be with cheap hotel rooms as well as free places to sleep.

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