Best solo vacations to take alone in united states

best vacations to take aloneWhy should you wait for your partner or friend to take you for an epic journey when you can do it on your own? solo trips is an eye-opening and liberating experience that anyone can try. Traveling alone or vacations for one means that you will do only the things you want to do without any pressure. You will also have alone time where you can get to learn more about yourself. Additionally, you can explore new destination without any distractions. Although there are so many advantages of traveling alone, the idea of exploring new places all by yourself is still overwhelming. So do not let the idea of selecting the destinations to add more stress to your already disturbed mind. Today we have selected the best places to travel alone in the US for a breathtaking experience.

Best Solo single vacations in the USA

Boulder Colorado

If you are looking for a perfect place for hiking, Boulder is a perfect spot. This area is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This outdoor offer individuals backpacking in Colorado with all year activities including hiking, cycling, and skiing. Do not forget to come with your camera to capture the breathtaking beauty that the outdoors has to offer. Another reason why we consider this as one of the backpacker havens is all the main attractions are located within a two-mile radius from the city. Your exploration does not have to end after the daylight. Ensure you explore the buzzing nightlife as well as a variety of affordable restaurants where you can dine alone comfortably.

Backpacking Florida- Key West

Thousands of backpackers visit Key West every year to witness the sunny shoes and hiking trails. Key West allows you to have a relaxing getaway, where you can have time alone and reflect on your life, this is the best destination. If you have been busy all your life, juggling with work and family, there is nothing better than rewarding yourself with a vacation where you can sunbath in one of the pristine beaches around Key West. Whether you are into scuba diving, love snorkeling adventures, or just need to hit the open waters for a fishing adventure, you will get it here. Additionally, the Florida Island offers you with perfect serenity and hiking areas where you can explore and spend time while focusing on yourself.

New York City

Central Park EntranceIt is no brainer that the city of New York has so many to offer a solo backpacker. This city will offer everyone with something they have always desired. The city has very many clubs and bars making it hard for you to pick one. Being here for several days means that you will have all the time you need to explore the nightlife. If you love the sea, go the boats that are cocktail bars and enjoy the ocean breeze as you sip a cold cocktail. Additionally, areas near Manhattan such as the park slope offer you with a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of cuisine options for you to enjoy

Washington, DC

If you have never been to Washington, start parking now and experience the magical moment, the capital of the US has to offer. Instead of driving through the busy streets, use the extensive metro to move you around the city. Another reason for visiting this city is that it has several world museums that do not charge any admission fee. If you are a space enthusiast, you will love exploring the National Air and Space Museum while the history lovers will feel safe while exploring the National Portrait Gallery as well as the National Museum of America History.

Sedona, Arizona

Any outdoor lover will cherish their time in Sedona. Go and explore the famous red rocks. You can also enjoy the glowing appearance when the sun is setting. The area also offers the solo backpacker with the stillness they need to keep their minds relaxed. You can also join with the locals in a variety of activities such as the First Friday Art Walk, which is held every first Friday of the month. Additionally, you will love mixing with the friendly locals and learning their culture.

Portland, Oregon

This destination offers you with UN ending list of activities that keeps you entertained while traveling alone. The city of Oregon also has a friendly vibe that you will find inviting. Another reason why this is one of the favorite backpacker destinations is that it is easy to find inexpensive accommodations. The mouth-watering food, wine, and beer are also very affordable. To get away from all, you will find miles of forested trails that you can have a peaceful hike. You can also enjoy watching the wildlife as well as enjoying the breathtaking landscape.


miamiMiami is the land of unending fun especially if you love beaches, partying or both. This is also a great place for all food lovers who are looking for a place where they can have a choice of selecting multiple international cuisines. The beaches offer you with a cool breeze, white sand, and sunlight on your face. You will also love the excellent transportation system that gets you anywhere across the city anytime you need to be there. When it comes to nightlife, this place will blow your mind. Multiple clubs offer unlimited entertainment throughout the night.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Leave the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone for family or friends backpacker who always flocks here for their summer holiday. Instead, opt for a lesser-known area where you can relax as you enjoy nature. Visit the Hot Springs National Park, which is one of the oldest national parks in the US. Get a cheap hotel room in Hot Spring town and enjoy the local cuisine. During the day, you can hike the different trails to enjoy the nature. Once done with hiking, rewind in the traditional bath at Buckstaff Baths.


Backpacking trips are what you make them. Do proper research on the area you want to tour for you to find the basic amenities and reasonably priced hotel rooms. Getting online ticket deals and accommodations also saves you a lot of money that you can save or spend on entertainment. We hope that our guide helps you to find an appropriate destination for solo backpacking. Just be sure to do proper planning and research for you to have an enjoyable experience.

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